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VICE-Flooding Fields in California’s Drought

Xaielao says...

California farms do not use 80% of the states water. You hear that a lot in the media but it's a false statistic. The real number is more like 40%.

Canada vs. USA -- Debates

Xaielao says...

I think it's also interesting to note that Canadians vote on their federal election on October 19th, 9 weeks from now.

Alternatively the US presidential election is in full swing and Americans vote our federal election on September 15th, 2016. 68 weeks from now!

The Unbelievably Sweet Alpacas! - Income Inequality

Xaielao says...

The way our brains are wired, we want what we want, now. The truly smart people who run these markets know that it is all a ticking time bomb as the majority of people don't have the money to support our consumer economy, and even that if the system were corrected they would be even richer, they still continue to take the moderate gain now instead of the potential even larger gains down the road.

Edward Snowden NBC News Full Interview

Xaielao says...

"... disingenuous for our government to exploit the national trauma that we all suffered together and worked so hard to come through, to justify programs that have never been shown to keep us safe, but cost us liberties and freedoms that we don't need to give up and our constitution says we should never give up."

It's funny that Williams brings up pearl harbor. We over-reacted to that too by forcefully imprisoning tens of thousands of US citizens because of their race alone. Something they've worked hard over the last 60 years to remove from public consciousness.

The idea that they give a fuck about you or your constitutional rights has been proven false repeatedly if they have an inkling of an opinion that you or someone 3 steps removed from you has done something they don't like, illegal or not.

Moyers | P. Krugman on how the US is becoming an oligarchy

Xaielao says...

I love the conservative ideal that the best government is no government, or mob rule. I'd love to drop these people off for a week in a country that actually works that way.. like Somalia. Not that they'd likely survive that week.

Understanding Ukraine: Problems Today & Historical Context

Charlie Brooker's 2013 Wipe

four horsemen-feature documentary-end of empire

Xaielao says...

After more than a little fear mongering and misinformation at the start, this gets rather interesting and informative. Title is a little ridiculous but what ever.

Women's Gun Advocate's Hilariously Hypocritical Testimony

Xaielao says...

Harlequinn I would say you are correct. Only metal spoons aren't harmful to anyone (accept those like myself with a metal allergy..) and the guns that will eventually be unavailable can mow down a dozen people in about 30 seconds, blasting them into bits. So, it's a bit different.

I personally feel the solution to 'assault weapons' is to make them available at gun ranges. That way folks who want to be able to fire them, can still have access to them, but they are still restricted to have in ones home and thus cannot be used in violence. Just the way some shooting ranges offer military weapons a civilian cannot get access to any other way.

And for the record I'm relatively pro-gun. I don't own any but I grew up with them, received my first as a birthday present when I was 10 and my mother owns two and her boyfriend makes his own rifles for use in competition.

If congress manages to only do one thing about the gun violence in this nation, I'd personally rather see it be a national gun registry that would allow instant background checks at gun shows/etc. You know things are bad when someone on the terror watch list can buy an AR-15 with a 100 round magazine, armor piercing bullets and a flack jacket out of the back of a van and it's perfectly legal in some states. That's an extreme example I grant, but not unrealistic.

Women's Gun Advocate's Hilariously Hypocritical Testimony

Xaielao says...

This women entered the room clearly believing the bullshit from the right that 'NAZI LIBERALS WANT TO FORCEFULLY TAKE YOUR GUNS AWAY!!!!' She got rolled. No need to mention the fact that a women with a gun in her home is more likely to die from that gun than kill an intruder, or that under the proposed laws the woman in her story would still be able to legally own a shotgun.

And that photoshop, lol. Craptastic! looks like it was done by someone with little skill or thrown together in five minutes.

Can Texas Secede from the Union?

Xaielao says...

One thing not mention (though hinted at toward the end of the video), is that the vast majority of Texan's do not want to secede and probably a large group of them would rather leave Texas than leave the US. The 'former' state would be a shadow of itself.

And QM, chill out. Your side lost, it's not like it never happened before. And if you are an indication of it's base.. it'll only continue to lose.

Did Anonymous Prevent Rove from Stealing Another Election?

Xaielao says...

>> ^criticalthud:

amazingly, there are actually people on here questioning whether or not Karl fucking ROVE would stoop to cheating.
the man who has orchestrated more bullshit propaganda, flat-out lies, political strategies of un-cooperation and disinformation, war and mass murder.
YES, Karl fucking ROVE would rig an election.
He clearly believes he is ABOVE THE LAW
and for the most part, HE IS.

Exactly. One has to admit that this is entirely plausible, and that time lines certainly stack up. Karl's conniption fit on FOX about his certainty that Hamilton County would go Romney, even though Romney lost the county by 4% or so.

As to why he didn't try this in 2004, I would suggest it was because the tide was so severely against republicans in that year. As with this year, Obama would have won whether or not he lost Ohio.

Hopefully Anonymous will release some hard numbers and details. Karl Rove has been doing this for half his life, some time in prison might change that.

Colorado and Washington Legalize Cannabis

Xaielao says...

>> ^PHJF:

Any income to the state will be met or surpassed by a shocking drop in citizen productivity

Haha at first perhaps. But a few years from new we'll find out that, much like European countries with legal or heavily decriminalized Cannabis, the number of users will drop.

Ben Stein Stuns Fox & Friends By Disagreeing With Party Line

Xaielao says...

>> ^shinyblurry:

>> ^RFlagg:
Problem is, they say the reason we were doing better was because we had God in schools, then we took him out of the schools and everything else... everything comes to how god was involved back then and less so now therefore we are paying the punishment of not having god in our lives... never mind how well many of the more atheist countries are doing (they think atheist countries are more like the old USSR)...
>> ^Fairbs:
Something most Republicans can't grasp is our country is better off when the rich are taxed more. 40 years ago, taxes on capital gains were 80%, but now Romney feels he's taxed too much at 15.

The argument isn't really about countries that are more atheist versus countries that aren't. It's that the United States has uniquely been a Christian nation since its founding. We are one nation, under God. Most people don't understand what that means; they think it is archaic when it is really the most important founding principle we have. The rapid decline in civil society has to do with the fact that, for the first time generations of Americans are growing up without the judeo-christian ethic being instilled in them from society, especially from their schools. And what we've seen since 1963 is a dramatic increase in the rate of violent crimes, teen pregnancy, STDs, the divorce rate, broken families, drug use, etc..the list goes on. There are the top 7 problems we had in our schools according to government records in 1940 vs 1990:
1. Talking out of turn
2. Chewing Gum
3. Making noise
4. Running in the Halls
5. Cutting in Line
6. Dress-code violations
7. Littering
1. Drug abuse
2. Alcohol abuse
3. Pregnancy
4. Suicide
5. Rape
6. Robbery
7. Assault
So, the argument is really that, we as a society have collectively turned our back on God, and therefore God has also turned His back on us. The principle is, you reap what you sow, and that's exactly what is going on right now. That's why this nation is facing calamity after calamity, because we have lost our way and we refuse to repent and turn back to our Creator.

You are picking and choosing your details man. I think you are also getting your 'facts' about the 40's and 50's from tv shows and movies and using them to spin your idea of 'how golden and free of crime America was before we turned out back on God.' And what about the decades before the 50's, certainly we hadn't 'turned away from god', so how do you explain the debauchery of the 20's, the turn of the century 'robber barons' that lived in luxury while their sweat-shops were worked by the masses of poor and children. The herione gangs and the waves of violence around 1910, 15.

It is really funny how some people (mostly white, older and male) see the 40's and 50's as this shining era of godly love, no crime and family harmony. It was all like 'leave it to beaver'. Dad made the big bucks, mom stayed at home and the most the kids ever got into trouble was when they broke a neighbors window. Yes, generally crime rates were low in the 40's and 50's but you cant attribute that to people 'having the fear of god' back then but skip over times that had just as much, if not even more religious fervor but also plenty of social upheaval and crime. Point of fact crime rates right now in most states are at historical lows, nearly to the levels of the 50's, but you still see murders every day. The information age has changed these things. In the 50's the only news you had was local. You might never have heard about some crime rave in another state.

Other things can attribute to the lower crime rates of those years. How many young men were serving in WWII during the 40's, that certainly would account for a drop in crime rates. And as to the 50's, the threat of nuclear war was constant. 'In God We Trust' wasn't added to money in the mid 50's because it was a particularly religious era, but rather because if the threat of communism. The term used to denote a healthy and proper family in the 50's wasn't coined the 'nuclear' family for nothing.

Last I'd like to point out that the US was 'never' designed as a Christian Nation and has only receive that monicker in the last number of years. I know bible-thumpers and hard-right politicians would have you think, hell have even changed school books, to wipe out ideas like the simple fact that many of the founding fathers wanted nothing to do with religion, though certainly not all. You can twist the words of John Adams, Benjamin Franklin or Thomas Jefferson all you want, but they above all abhorred the idea of religion influencing politics. This is not to say that they were all anti-religion, many advocated religion as a personal foundation of morality, but to hear modern republicans suggest they wanted Christianity to be the basis of the constitution and this country, they would be rolling over in their graves.

Understanding the National Debt and Budget Deficit

Xaielao says...

>> ^renatojj:

Just so viewers know, the economic theories behind this guy's convoluted explanations are not accepted by all economists. Sadly, this kind of video will likely turn many people off to the subject entirely.

You're right, in the same way that not all biologists agree on evolution as the origin of species.

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